A big issue now is the Emirates fleet. Emirates also flies Boeing 777s, but it made its reputation on the biggest double-decker jet, the A380, flying more than five times as many as any other airline. Passengers love the airplane, complimenting its spacious cabins and amenities. But it’s so expensive to operate that a couple of airlines — Singapore Airlines and Air France — have been retiring roughly 12-year-old airplanes, even though they’re basically brand-new by airline standards. The A380’s economic disadvantage is why airlines overwhelmingly prefer two smaller long-range airplanes, the 787 and A350. For a long time, Clark defiantly (or stubbornly) stuck with the Airbus A380, believing its advantages outweighed its disadvantages. As a last-ditch effort, Clark tried to persuade Emirates to update the airplane, but with no other airlines interested, Airbus killed the A380 instead. Emirates’ fleet is now dominated by an orphan airplane.Brian Sumers (Skift)