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Qatar Airways Ups Stake in British Airways Owner With $600 Million Investment

Our investment to date has been highly successful and the announced increase in our shareholding is evidence of our continued support of IAG and its strategy.Akbar Al Baker (Qatar Airways)

Japan’s secret udon mecca

To make its noodles, the family changes the ratio of flour, starch and water according to the humidity and ambient air temperature.Nancy Singleton Hachisu (BBC)

Per Zug ins Skigebiet: Eine Familie auf Bahnhofsmission

Zug-Skifahrer wurde ich zunächst nicht aus Klimaschutzgründen. Die ersten Zugfahrten mit Skiern in der Hand habe ich von unserem damaligen Wohnort Hamburg aus unternommen, als Greta Thunberg noch nicht im ICE-Gang saß. Ich habe noch nie den CO2-Abdruck meines Skistiefels gemessen. Es kommt wahrscheinlich insgesamt für das Hobby Alpinsport nichts Gutes dabei heraus. Es hat sich eher so ergeben, als die Kinder größer wurden. Sie sind jetzt 15 und 12 Jahre alt.Jan Friedmann (Spiegel)

Switzerland is named the world’s most expensive country to live in

TOP 10: 1. Switzerland; 2. Norway; 3. Iceland; 4. Japan; 5. Denmark; 6. Bahamas; 7. Luxembourg; 8. Israel; 9. Singapore; 10. South Korea.CEOWORLD

Google Flights, increasingly dominant, sends ‘dramatic’ surge to American Airlines and Delta

Airlines and hotel booking websites saw a significant surge in referral traffic from the search giant in 2019, according to new data from SimilarWeb. The increase underscores the extent to which Google services are becoming further embedded into every aspect of the travel ecosphere, from initial searches on through to the booking process. Search referral traffic is an important metric for hotel and airline websites because it can lead to more “conversions”—industry-speak for website visitors taking some kind of action, like actually buying things.Christopher Zara (Fast Company)

JetBlue Founder Finally Offers Details About His New Airline — Including Its Name

When David Neeleman’s startup airline, to be called Breeze Airways, begins flying as soon as late this year, customers may focus on its passenger experience, which Neeleman, who founded JetBlue Airways 20 years ago, says will be among the best in the United States. But from a business perspective, Neeleman’s airline is more intriguing for another reason — the chronic airline entrepreneur is pursuing two models at once.Brian Sumers (Skift)

India’s brilliant Bombay duck

The Bombay duck is actually a fish native to the waters in and around Mumbai. Fiendishly ugly, it is gelatinous and pink-skinned with a gaping maw. Moreover, the root of its curious name is a great mystery.Meher Mirza (BBC)

Melting Ski Resorts Have a Snow Machine Problem

Skiing was once an activity born of necessity—an efficient means of transport in snowy lands. Today, people ski for sport, fun, and fitness. But the Earth’s atmosphere has changed, turning once snowy slopes into muddy wastelands. As a result of global heating, the Earth no longer produces snow with the same regularity, so ski resorts are being forced to manufacture it instead.Chris Baraniuk (Wired)

China: Bärchenstunde im Reich der Mitte

Nur 72 Stunden ist ein Großer Panda paarungsbereit – im Jahr. Ansonsten sind sie strenge Einzelgänger. Panda-Forscher, so lernt man in Chengdu, versuchen der schon sprichwörtlichen Sex-Muffeligkeit der Tiere Herr zu werden und bauen auf die angeblich stimulierende Wirkung von Panda-Pornos, also Filmchen von kopulierenden Bären.Alex Westhoff (FAZ)

Britons shunning beach holidays in favour of activity-packed breaks

An activity or trip that takes you out of your comfort zone can help to focus the mind on the task at hand, and of course, often these more extreme activities are sports or exercise-based, which has been shown to help improve mental health.Spokesman for Heathrow Airport

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