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The Peak of the Balkans Trail: Europe’s last true wilderness

In an effort to restore peace, leaders of the three nations suggested a hiking trail linking Muslim, Catholic and Orthodox communities (Serbia and Montenegro were one nation until 2006), with Albanian and Kosovar hiking guides partnering with Montenegrin guesthouses. Since its opening, the route has boosted local rural economies and helped create a greater connectedness between these far-flung enclaves.Peter Elia (BBC)

An epic food journey in the Arctic Circle

It’s a dish that tells you where you are in the world. I think it’s very important to focus on, and not to shy away from where you are, even though it might be controversial to eat whale. It’s important to deliver the message that you’re in Greenland now, and this is how it is.Poul Andrias Ziska (Koks)

The Wagyu Olympics: The quest for the world’s best beef

There are two main competitive categories: Breed Improvement, which judges a cow on its size, proportions and other outwardly visible standards; and Meat Quality, where the carcasses are judged on fat quality and content. At the end of the competition, the best breeding cows and carcasses are sold at auction to the highest bidders in Japan. Beef sales from the auction can run upwards of ¥72,000 (about £442). And if you’ve seen Wagyu beef on a menu and were shocked by the price, this is why.Paul Feinstein (BBC)

Finland’s rising capital of food

Turku is carving out its own gourmet niche, driven by invention and a superlative local larder. There’s foraged and fished delights from the vast archipelago that flanks the city, while Turku is also surrounded by Finland’s finest agricultural land, overseen by pretty clapboard farmhouses.Norman Miller (BBC)

Iraq’s answer to the pyramids

As I carefully climbed the grand staircase leading to the flat upper floor, I could still see bits of bitumen between the broken bricks. I also spotted a small, inscribed brick that recognises Saddam Hussein for his partial reconstruction of the monument in 1980. The upper terraces and the colourful temple have long been destroyed and lost to time. But across the nearly flat expanse of desert, I could see small mounds scattered throughout the area waiting to be excavated, no doubt hiding a world of treasures yet to be discovered.Geena Truman (BBC)

The next fried-chicken craze?

Even if the recipe of the masala is known, many other factors come into play: the time the bird is rested after it is slaughtered, the duration of the marination process and the frying (under-fried but not under-cooked) process.Khaja Maheen

Bangladesh’s fiery, inventive spin on rice

While some vendors experiment with upscale ingredients, such as boiled egg or quail, for purists, jhal muri will always be a robust vegetarian (and vegan) dish, where unassuming ingredients are turned into a sublime and satiating symphony.Aysha Imtiaz (BBC)

A gourmet revival of Sierra Leone’s bold flavours

I describe Sierra Leonean food as having complex layers of flavour. It surprises you in the same mouthful several times. It’s pungent, it’s strong, it’s punchy, but it also can evoke memories, I think. It always says something.Miatta Marke

Isso vade: The spicy snack that unites Sri Lanka

Isso (prawn) vade (pattie) are beloved throughout Sri Lanka, and their popularity can perhaps be attributed to their deeply familiar and simple ingredients: lentils and prawns, along with onions and curry leaves. Topped with a spicy sambol – made of chopped onions, tomatoes, green chillies and lime juice – plus chilli sauce for extra punch, each fritter has the perfect balance of crispy texture, zesty aroma and spicy flavour. And at Rs 50 to 70 (12p to 18p) each, they are an inexpensive, tasty treat for the masses.Demi Perera (BBC)

Africa’s global biodiversity hotspot

This year, after creating a sophisticated zoning plan and completing extensive conversations with representatives from the country’s tourism, fishing, petroleum and conservation efforts, the island nation is prepared to fully implement the landmark Marine Spatial Planning Initiative it announced several years ago: to protect 30% of its ocean territory.Alba Jaramillo (BBC)

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