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Japan’s most remote onsen

The Japanese concept of hadaka no tsukiai, (“naked communion”), is believed to remove barriers and forge bonds.Lily Crossley-Baxter (BBC)

What Japan can teach us about cleanliness

Most first-time visitors to Japan are struck by how clean the country is. Then they notice the absence of litter bins. And street sweepers. So they’re left with the question: how does Japan stay so clean? The easy answer is that residents themselves keep it that way.Steve John Powell & Angeles Marin Cabello (BBC)

The perfect French baguette

You could have exactly the same recipe. And if one person is more passionate than the other, they’ll have a better result. Even if you’ve done exactly the same thing, it won’t be the same. It’s like magic.Mahmoud M’Seddi (Boulangerie M’Seddi Moulins des Prés)

Five countries on the frontline of tech

Estonia, Finland, Israel, Canada, South Korea.Lindsey Galloway (BBC)

The surprising story of the Basque language

From Bayonne to Bilbao, the Basque region, as seen from several train seats, is a land of brilliant greenery that traverses thick beds of grass and misty mountaintops. It is this land that provided for early Basque pastoralists, and its long coastline for fishermen, both of which are traditions still upheld strongly today. While 90% of Spaniards live in big cities, making the country one of the most depopulated in Europe, contrarily the majority of the Spanish Basque Country’s more than two million people still live a rural or suburban lifestyle. This strong anchor to village life has created numerous dialects, and in Basque public schools and institutions, a standardised Euskara, called batua, is employed.Justin Calderon (BBC)

The yum cha rules you need to know

Yum cha is a group activity that involves everyone around the table. As it’s centred on sharing, there are certain things to bear in mind when you’re being served or serving others. My grandmother, the eldest in our weekly yum cha gathering, has always been quick to straighten out everyone’s table manners. A few rules that she frequently mentions include finishing the last grain of rice in the bowl so a future spouse’s skin will resemble the smoothness of the clean bowl; and to never stick chopsticks straight down into a bowl of rice because it resembles incense for the dead and will bring bad luck. She also reminds us to never bang our chopsticks on the bowl for fun because that was what beggars used to do for attention and is thus believed to bring poverty to the family.Karen Chiang (BBC)

Bosnia’s intriguing dessert made by 12 hands

Tebe su pravile lijepe djevojke da bi okupile svoje drage momke. Momci alčak bili – šećer posolili, posolili pa se sami počastili.traditional Bosnian song

The tasty tradition of Taiwan’s midnight meals

While most countries only have three meals a day, Taiwan worships food so much that there’s a fourth and final meal: the midnight snack, or xiaoye in Chinese. That means while most of the world is winding down after dinner and getting ready for bed, the wakeful people of Taiwan are gearing up for their late-night ritual – which is, bluntly put, to hit the open streets and nosh until their jeans are ripping at the seams.Leslie Nguyen-Okwu (BBC)

Macau’s rare fusion cuisine

The Chinese wives tried to cook as close as possible to the dishes that their Portuguese husbands grew up eating back in Portugal. But of course they didn’t have all the ingredients in Macau in those days, so the wives used some Chinese and South-East Asian ingredients as substitutes. That’s how this fusion food came to be.Sonia Palmer (Riquexó)

In Ireland, a taste of the underworld

In ancient Ireland, Celtic men and women had equal rights, and whoever brought more wealth and property to a marriage was seen as the ruler of the household, regardless of sex. […] Celtic women, unlike their counterparts in other ancient European nations, were not bound by the rules of monogamy and were free to take lovers.Addison Nugent (BBC)

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