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Brazil: The last frontier of gastronomy?

Many of Brazil’s food experts believe that manioc is the foundation of the country’s cuisine.Janet Forman (BBC)

Why Bolivia is the next food hotspot

A landlocked country, Bolivia might not have access to an ocean, but it has the Amazon, Altiplano and Andes, which provide a smorgasbord of ingredients unique to the country. They’re ingredients that have been collected and harvested for centuries, but only recently are chefs in La Paz turning to them to create innovative dishes.Mary Holland (BBC)

Is Hiroshima the true home of okonomiyaki?

London has jellied eels. Valencia has paella. New Orleans has gumbo. And Hiroshima has okonomiyaki – a signature dish that defines the identity of the city.Steve John Powell & Angeles Marin Cabello (BBC)

Is this Japan’s most perfect ramen?

Since temperature plays such a crucial part in building a perfect bowl of ramen – from the burning-hot broth to the slow braised pork belly to the boiled egg – Yoshida approaches each ingredient like a chemist, experimenting with minute fluctuations in temperature. He formulates a plan on how to extract the best taste from each ingredient and then works towards achieving that taste.Nancy Singleton Hachisu (BBC)

Japan’s secret udon mecca

To make its noodles, the family changes the ratio of flour, starch and water according to the humidity and ambient air temperature.Nancy Singleton Hachisu (BBC)

India’s brilliant Bombay duck

The Bombay duck is actually a fish native to the waters in and around Mumbai. Fiendishly ugly, it is gelatinous and pink-skinned with a gaping maw. Moreover, the root of its curious name is a great mystery.Meher Mirza (BBC)

Georgia’s giant dumpling born from conquest

During blistering winters in Tusheti, temperatures regularly fall below -15°C, and villages on the slopes of the Caucasus Mountains are cut off by metres of snowfall. For centuries before becoming restaurant favourites, khinkali were a warming offering for Caucasus shepherds, with chopped lamb or mutton at the centre, which was replaced by ground beef and pork as the dumpling migrated to the city.Matthew Ponsford (BBC)

Japan’s most remote onsen

The Japanese concept of hadaka no tsukiai, (“naked communion”), is believed to remove barriers and forge bonds.Lily Crossley-Baxter (BBC)

What Japan can teach us about cleanliness

Most first-time visitors to Japan are struck by how clean the country is. Then they notice the absence of litter bins. And street sweepers. So they’re left with the question: how does Japan stay so clean? The easy answer is that residents themselves keep it that way.Steve John Powell & Angeles Marin Cabello (BBC)

The perfect French baguette

You could have exactly the same recipe. And if one person is more passionate than the other, they’ll have a better result. Even if you’ve done exactly the same thing, it won’t be the same. It’s like magic.Mahmoud M’Seddi (Boulangerie M’Seddi Moulins des Prés)

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