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World’s shortest super jumbo A380 flight

Two daily A380 flights between Dubai and Muscat International Airport are scheduled to take to the skies on July 1. The distance between the two cities is just 340 kilometers (211 miles). Fun fact: That’s shorter than the length of all the wiring in the A380, which, according to plane manufacturer Airbus, would stretch over 500 kilometers if laid out end to end.Karla Cripps (CNN)

Delicious reasons to visit Kenya

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Is ultra-low-cost air travel really worth it?

Ryanair, the famed European budget carrier, boasts that its average fares do not actually cover the cost of flying the passenger. […] The airlines use complex software to make dynamic price adjustments based on historical data, competitor fares, expected and actual sales for a particular fare class on a flight, along with some oversight by internal teams.Mike Arnot (CNN)

World’s best airport for 2019 revealed

1. Singapore Changi Airport; 2. Tokyo International Airport (Haneda); 3. Incheon International Airport (Seoul, South Korea); 4. Hamad International Airport (Doha, Qatar); Hong Kong International Airport; 6. Central Japan International Airport; 7. Munich Airport (Germany); 8. London Heathrow Airport; 9. Narita International Airport (Japan); 10. Zurich Airport (Switzerland)Skytrax

New airplane seats could transform economy

British design company LAYER has devised a prototype seat, designed for use in Airbus economy cabins on short to mid-haul flights, that promises to deliver heightened comfort levels. Dubbed “Move,” this concept seat is made of a fancy fiber that’s connected to built-in smart sensors — allowing passengers to manually control seat temperature, tension, pressure and movement, all via an app on their phone. The app will also let passengers know when it’s time to get up and stretch their legs or take a sip of water.Francesca Street (CNN)

High-speed trains are finally coming to the US

Currently, the majority of Americans travel predominantly by car. According to Census data, only about five percent of U.S. workers commuted regularly to work by public transportation, including by subway or regional rail, in the years 2012 to 2016.Lilit Marcus (CNN)

What a million-dollar ski vacation looks like

Where there were once wooden fondue rooms and raucous nightclubs, there are now crystal-encrusted showers, Krug and truffle picnics in the snow, burnished gold swimming pools and multi-Michelin star meals — next to which the actual skiing often pales by comparison.Melissa Twigg (CNN)

The ‘Taiwanese burger’ taking over the world

Until a few years ago, these delicacies had been savored by few beyond Taiwanese food aficionados. But after they hit the streets in New York in 2009, they’re now popping up everywhere.Maggie Hiufu Wong (CNN)

The world’s most liveable cities in 2018

1. Vienna, Austria; 2. Melbourne, Australia; 3. Osaka, Japan; 4. Calgary, Canada; 5. Sydney, Australia; 6. Vancouver, Canada; 7. (tie) Toronto, Canada; 7. (tie) Tokyo, Japan; 9. Copenhagen, Denmark; 10. Adelaide, AustraliaEconomist Intelligence Unit

Taiwan’s most beautiful places

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