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The world’s most expensive cities for 2022

1. Hong Kong; 2. New York; 3. Geneva; 4. London; 5. Tokyo; 6. Tel Aviv; 7. Zurich; 8. Shanghai; 9. Guangzhou; 10. SeoulECA International

Paris to build $145M cable car system

Scheduled to open in 2025, the “Cable 1” project will travel from the Parisian suburb of Villeneuve-Saint-Georges to the Pointe du Lac station in Creteil in the Île-de-France region within just 17 minutes, less than half the time the journey would take on a bus.Tamara Hardingham-Gill (CNN)

Beneath the Great Wall of China lies the world’s deepest high-speed railway station

According to China’s state media, engineers used an electronic detonator to precisely time the explosives down to the millisecond. It was the first time the technology was used in China, and allowed workers to maintain a vibration velocity of below 0.2 centimeters per second. That means every explosion was precisely calculated to ensure the impact would be no stronger than a single footstep on the Great Wall.Maggie Hiufu Wong (CNN)

These are the world’s most expensive cities in 2021

Although most economies across the world are now recovering as Covid-19 vaccines are rolled out, many major cities are still seeing spikes in cases, leading to social restrictions. These have disrupted the supply of goods, leading to shortages and higher prices. We can clearly see the impact in this year’s index, with the rise in petrol prices particularly stark. But not all cities saw price increases. Many of the cities towards the bottom of our rankings saw prices stagnate or even fall, partly because their currencies weakened against the US dollar. Over the coming year, we expect to see the cost of living rise further in many cities as wages increase in many sectors. However, we are also expecting central banks to raise interest rates, cautiously, to stem inflation. So the price increases should start to moderate from this year’s level.Upasana Dutt (Economist Intelligence Unit)

Italy reveals its new national airline

We want to give our clients an Italian experience, and when you think of contemporary Italy, it’s rich and complex. So our dream is to partner with companies from various disciplines, from the food to the styling of the aircraft, to the uniforms to the furniture in the lounges. Our vision is to use globally important Italian brands. It’s our wish, but we’re already talking with big brands.Giovanni Perosino (ITA Airways)

Singapore Changi Airport falls from top spot as world’s best airports for 2021 revealed

Doha’s Hamad International Airport, which has been climbing the ranks for years, has been rewarded with the number one spot in 2021 in the “World’s Best Airport” category. Doha’s ascendance coincides with hard work from its flagship airline, Qatar Airways. The Qatari government has invested heavily in both its national carrier and its airport, with pretty spectacular results.Lilit Marcus (CNN)

China’s latest mega-airport is officially open

Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province, is now the third city in the country to have two international airports, joining Shanghai and Beijing. Constructed at a cost of about 70 billion Chinese yuan ($10.8 billion), phase one of the massive aviation hub has the capacity to handle up to 60 million passengers per year, further opening up the country’s southwest region.Karla Cripps (CNN)

Nuku Hiva: This paradise island is one of the remotest places on the planet

Nuku Hiva has an otherworldly and primitive feel to it. There are no tall buildings and the only cell phone network is 2G. It has the basic needs for a community; a post office, a hospital, a town hall, a bank, five grocery stores and a pharmacy.Stephanie Takyi (CNN)

What it’s like to have a ski resort to yourself

In France, ski resorts are open for visitors to come and enjoy the mountains, but the lifts remain closed. To fill the potential chasm in the resort economies, marketing teams have been busy on social media trying to lure tourists with the attractions of fresh air, stunning scenery, mountain walks and alpine ambiance.Rob Hodgetts (CNN)

When will international travel return? Here’s what we know right now

When you don’t have a coordinated global approach, it’s very difficult for the industry to go forward, especially when you have the rules of the game changing basically every single day.Luis Felipe de Oliveira (Airports Council International)

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