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Lindt’s museum has world’s tallest free-standing chocolate fountain

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Pressure grows for London to New York ‘air corridor’

Senior aviation bosses, including Heathrow chief executive John Holland-Kaye, say quarantine measures have hung the ‘Closed’ sign on Britain and are costing the economy £60million a day in lost foreign visitor spending.Tom Payne (Daily Mail)

Google Maps updates with a ‘more vibrant’ appearance

Google has used a new colour-mapping algorithmic technique to make the service, which launched 15 years ago, visually richer. Previously, the colour coding on Maps was largely limited to green and brown, with lightly shaded areas to denote urban centres. For the update, Google has used computer vision to identify natural features from satellite imagery, looking specifically at arid, icy, forested, and mountainous regions. It’s then analysed these features and assigned them a range of colours on the HSV (hue, saturation, value) colour model.Jonathan Chadwick (Daily Mail)

EasyJet plans to reduce its workforce by up to 30%

The Luton-based carrier said it intends to reduce its workforce by up to 30% as it reduces the size of its fleet due to the coronavirus pandemic. It said that it expected to shrink its aircraft numbers to around 302 planes, about 51 aircraft lower than it had been planning for 2021 prior to COVID-19.Sebastian Murphy-Bates (Daily Mail)

Boeing 787s need to be turned off and on again every 51 days

The flaw with the software sees data clogging up the systems of the 787 and feeding false information to pilots for various key metrics. For example the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) directive states airspeed, attitude, altitude figures given to both pilots could all be wrong.Joe Pinkstone (Daily Mail)

Switzerland is named the world’s most expensive country to live in

TOP 10: 1. Switzerland; 2. Norway; 3. Iceland; 4. Japan; 5. Denmark; 6. Bahamas; 7. Luxembourg; 8. Israel; 9. Singapore; 10. South Korea.CEOWORLD

Britons shunning beach holidays in favour of activity-packed breaks

An activity or trip that takes you out of your comfort zone can help to focus the mind on the task at hand, and of course, often these more extreme activities are sports or exercise-based, which has been shown to help improve mental health.Spokesman for Heathrow Airport

China opens ‘the world’s first smart high-speed railway’

The carriages are equipped with an automated driving system, 5G signals, intelligent lighting as well as wireless charging docks, and can travel at a top speed of 350 kilometres (217 miles) per hour.Tracy You (Daily Mail)

The 2019 World Ski Awards names the best chalets, hotels and resorts

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Emirates buys 50 Airbus A350 jets for $16billion in down-scaled deal

Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, chairman of Emirates, announced he would buy the Airbus A350 jets the Dubai Air Show on Monday in a down-scaled deal that initially called for 70 planes worth $21billion. Sheikh Maktoum added that his airline is still in talks with Boeing on a provisional order of 40 787 Dreamliner jets, in a blow for the American plane-maker.Chris Pleasance (Daily Mail)

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