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8 Of The World’s Sexiest Hotel Desks

One thing we’ve noticed over recent coverage of millennial hotel brands and trendifying revamps – hotels think the way to pull in punters is to focus on design. And to focus on design, plenty of hotels are considering doing away with what most people take for granted in a hotel room: the steadfast hotel desk.Julia Buckley (HotelChatter)

13 Hotel Trends We Wish Would Die

1. FRIENDING: We blame the Millennials for this one. To all the new hotels out there, and all the hotels considering a rebrand, we don’t want to be friends. Yes, we like friendly faces at check-in and peppy voices answering the phone, but we don’t need to be reminded constantly to “Friend” you on social media or tag our photos with a ridiculous hashtag that you made up.Juliana Shallcross (HotelChatter)

Only In Switzerland Could a Hostel Have a Spa Like This

For this summer, we have seen the emergence of a New Switzerland – one that pities us, one that wants us to come stay without having to remortgage our house, one that suddenly wants to thrust budget accommodation at us.Julia Buckley (HotelChatter)

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