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Iceland used to be the hottest tourism destination. What happened?

So why is Iceland no longer the hottest cold-weather destination? The truth is, nobody’s totally sure. But the lure of other destinations, the country’s expensive accommodations and the demise of WOW Air could all be partly to blame.David Oliver (USA Today)

Ryanair Ranked a Top-10 Polluter in Europe

Ryanair was ninth on the list of top polluters in Europe. The remaining slots in the top 10 were taken by utilities that generate electricity from coal, the dirtiest fossil fuel.Mathew Carr and William Wilkes (Bloomberg)

Inside Airbnb’s ‘Guerrilla War’ Against Local Governments

… about the wars you’re fighting, gee, that looks like fun!Žiga Sancin

“Če Slovencem sneg ne pade na glavo, potem ne vedo, da je zima”

Če slovenskim žičničarjem država ne časti nove naprave, potem je ni. Če Pohorcem po sili razmer občina ne donira denarja, potem lahko zaprejo štacuno. In če ne bi bilo Manuele Božič Badalič, potem bi se še vedno našel kakšen Srečko. 😂Žiga Sancin

Martinique: A Slice of France, Tropical Forests and, Yes, Beaches Too

And while Martinique is very much a part of France — most of the tourists are French, meaning you can go days without running into any Americans — it also has its own rich history and culture. These traditions actually are becoming more prominent on the island in recent years, as younger islanders look for ways to try to reconnect with their culture.Eric Lipton (New York Times)

The new frontier for ultra-wealthy tourists? Underwater hotels and restaurants

It’s telling that projects like Under and the Muraka are being built at this particular moment, when anxiety around climate change is rising with the sea level. Both projects—an underwater luxury villa and a submerged high-end restaurant—exist in the middle of a Venn Diagram of sheer novelty and savvy architectural foresight. They’re neither practical nor impractical. They’re certainly not scalable solutions to the very real ecological problem cities are facing, but they are an early, if excessive, glimpse of what could become a more common way to build in the future.Liz Stinson (Fast Company)

WOW Air ceases operations and cancels all flights, leaving thousands stranded and angry

The fall of WOW follows months of economic struggles. In January, the airline announced it would cut its number of U.S. destinations to just four as it attempted to return to stable financial footing.Sara M Moniuszko (USA Today)

World’s best airport for 2019 revealed

1. Singapore Changi Airport; 2. Tokyo International Airport (Haneda); 3. Incheon International Airport (Seoul, South Korea); 4. Hamad International Airport (Doha, Qatar); Hong Kong International Airport; 6. Central Japan International Airport; 7. Munich Airport (Germany); 8. London Heathrow Airport; 9. Narita International Airport (Japan); 10. Zurich Airport (Switzerland)Skytrax

Google Quietly Releases Its Hotel Booking Destination With Potentially Huge Implications

In a span of just a few months, Google’s threat in booking travel is looming even larger. Indeed, Skift said last October Google’s new hotel search is presenting a greater threat to booking rivals. Now the tech giant has added a full-fledged destination site for hotels, without any major fanfare, and has potential implications for booking sites, as well as Airbnb, on the lines of what it has done with its already very-popular Google Flights.Raini Hamdi (Skift)

How La Plagne became the coolest ski resort for millennials this season

I’m in La Plagne – a ski resort in the French Alps which, until now, has catered mostly to the family market. But this winter, it’s upping its appeal to millennial visitors with a new concept in hostel accommodation, ho36. With beds from €18 a night, the option to self-cater and cheap beers at the bar (pale ale from €2.90), you can save on accommodation and spend most of your holiday budget on Instagrammable experiences, like sunrise ski touring, instead.Lucy Grewcock (The Independent)

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